Yachtbroker Dolman – Exclusive offers

Linssen Grand Sturdy 380 AC

Dimensions:11.60 x 3.85 x 1.20 m
Motorization:1 x 100 Hp Volvo Penta TAMD31 Diesel
Price: € 219.000

Van Der Heijden 1550 Excellent

Dimensions:15.50 x 4.50 x 1.30 m
Price: € 198.500

Elling E4 Ultimate

Dimensions:14.95 x 4.25 x 1.20 m
Motorization:1 x 435 Hp Volvo Penta D6 Diesel
Price: Under offer

Neptunus 156

Dimensions:16.60 x 4.85 x 1.20 m
Motorization:2 x 480 Hp Volvo Penta TAMD72 Diesels
Price: € 169.000

Gobbi 345 SC

Dimensions:11.25 x 3.55 x 0.90 m
Motorization:2 x 260 Hp Volvo Penta KAD44P-EDC Diesels
Price: € 75.000

Valk VDL Royal 1600

Dimensions:15.80 x 4.60 x 1.30 m
Motorization:2 x 318 Hp Volvo Penta TAMD63L-A Diesels
Price: € 189.500

Valkkruiser Content 13.00

Dimensions:13.60 x 4.25 x 1.35 m
Price: € 235.000

Ferretti 70

Dimensions:21.94 x 5.48 x 2.49 m
Motorization:2 x 1150 Hp MTU
Price: € 545.000

Most recent boats

Antaris MK 825 Kotter

Dimensions:8.50 x 3.30 x 0.75 m
Motorization:1 x 80 HP Vetus VH480 Diesel
Price: € 82.500

Atlantic 444

Dimensions:14.00 x 4.50 x 1.25 m
Motorization:2 x 370 Hp Volvo Penta Diesels
Price: € 260.000

Princess V39

Dimensions:12.98 x 3.81 x 1.02 m
Motorization:2 x 330 HP Volvo Penta D6-330 DP Diesels
Price: € 339.900

Vri-Jon Contessa 37 E

Dimensions:11.20 x 3.80 x 1.10 m
Motorization:1 x 110 Hp Yanmar 4LH-TE diesel
Price: € 129.500

Aquanaut Privilege 1250 AK

Dimensions:12.65 x 4.10 x 1.12 m
Motorization:1 x 149 Hp Perkins Sabre M150 diesel
Price: € 220.000

Altena 126 Family

Dimensions:12.66 x 3.95 x 1.27 m
Motorization:1 x 140 Hp Vetus Deutz DTA44 Diesel
Price: € 279.000

Brandsma Vlet 10.50 GSOK

Dimensions:10.40 x 3.60 x 0.90 m
Motorization:1 x 62 Hp Vetus-Peugeot diesel
Price: € 69.500

Ijlstervlet 11.50 RS

Dimensions:11.85 x 3.95 x 1.00 m
Motorization:1 x 120 Hp VW 120-5 Diesel
Price: € 219.000

Yachtbroker – Dolman Yachting

Entirely in line with the style of the entire company, the yachtbrokerage and new sales of motor yachts are carried out in a proper and correct manner, whereby we obviously have a lot of contact with customers and fellow yachtbrokers within the Netherlands as well as internationally. Correct information is provided and acted in a fair and professional manner. Dolman Yachting is a professional partner for the purchase or sale of your yard built motor yacht.

Dolman Yachting B.V. is an E.M.C.I certified Yacht- and shipbroker, is a member of the Association of Shipbrokers (NBMS) as well as exclusive agent of new Vri-Jon steel motor yachts for the Benelux and Germany.

More information why Dolman Yachting is the ideal yachtbroker and partner for you:

Our total listing of used motor yachts our services and range of new Vri-Jon steel motor yachts are described on our website. Part exchange is often negotiable.

Sales are made from our sales marina in Zeewolde – Holland but more often from the location, within Europe, of the motor yacht itself.

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Vri-Jon Contessa

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