To buy a motor yacht via the Yachtbroker

An important aspect during the exploratory phase when purchasing a motor yacht is the ’emotion’.
Because for some people boating is still unknown and for some people boating is still their ultimate passion we see this aspect daily.

Our credo is always : ‘we do not sell motor yachts but emotion’

Actually, of course that is true. A boating enthusiast is searching for a motor yacht for his ultimate relaxation on the water. If you are searching for your dream motor yacht then not only emotion plays a role but also the positive feeling that you should have with regard to a certain type of motor yacht. The so-called ‘gut feeling’.

An important point, of course, is the rational view of the transaction, since most of the motor yachts represents quite a high value. Often there are after two visits the necessary questions about the technique, equipment and possibilities of the motor yacht with regard to the desired boating area of ​​the prospective buyer.

Questions like: Am I looking for a motor yacht for long range sea cruising ? Fast or slow speeding motor yacht ? GRP or steel ? Or more a motor yacht for inland waters only ? We advise you as professional as possible so that you can ultimately come to the right decision-making. This is the added value of us as a Yachtbroker due to our many years of experience.

From offer to agreement to transfer

Dolman Yachting advises you with regard to the height of the offer and forward this for you to the seller. The offer is always subject to a technical survey (by a certified EMCI-HISWA-NVEP surveyor), a technical sea trial and an underwater hull inspection of the motor yacht. These are always costs for the buyer.

When the buyer and the seller have reached a price agreement then we will draw up a sales agreement in accordance with the aforementioned conditions. A down payment will be due followed by a technical sea trial and technical survey all the same day together with the buyer and the seller. If it is satisfactorily completed on both sides a further down payment and final payment can take place via the notary or via the Stichting Derdengelden Dolman Yachting i.e. Escrow account.

If all necessary motor yacht documents are found to be in order and a investigation of the Ship Registry took place then the motor yacht can be transferred to the new owner.